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Curious about physical activity?


Check out some helpful resources below

For clinicians


Safe exercise at home for older people

Physiopedia - the largest Physiotherapy resource in the world explains the importance of promoting physical activity to all patients.

Time limited? How to promote physical activity quickly.

Identifying and overcoming barriers to physical activity

Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines

The role of physical activity for preventing and managing musculoskeletal conditions

Prof. Rob Daly - Exercise for preventing frail bones, falls and fractures (webinar)

Move Your Way Campaign: Fact sheets to help you encourage physical activity

Exercise is Medicine Australia: aiming to make physical activity a standard component of chronic disease prevention and management

Physical Activity Support Kit Initiative (PASKI): Move More. Sit Less: Resources for health care providers to encourage physical activity in people across a range of chronic diseases

Promoting physical activity: Practical tips written in a 2019 edition of InTouch

For researchers


Sedentary behaviour questionnaires - from the Sedentary Behaviour Research Network

Physical Activity Questionnaires (PAQ) Validation Studies

Australian Bureau of Statistics - How many Australians are physically active?

For everyone


Safe exercise at home for older people

Safe exercise for people with cancer

Moving Medicine - Evidence based information about how physical activity can help in a number of conditions

Sit less, get active - free online course for healthcare professionals and the general public

Exercise Works! - a global Movement for Movement

Choose Health: Be Active - A physical activity guide for older Australians

Make your move – Sit less Be active for life! - A plain-language resource explaining physical activity and sedentary behaviour recommendations

Healthy Weight Guide - A useful resource to help you calculate your healthiest weight and achieve it

Promoting Physical Activity and Exercise - A guide developed for The American College of Cardiology

Promoting physical activity - Strategies for physios

Exercise reduces falls risk - Summary of a high-quality Cochrane review

Physical activity guidelines (American) - A PowerPoint presentation to use when sharing the guidelines with peers and patients

Physical activity, every bit counts - A guide on how to get started and maintain PA by the Heart Foundation

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